I’m Hitomi, a freelance developer based in Japan who specialises in HTML/CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP, as well as other programming languages such as Java, C#.NET and VBA etc.

That was March 2011 when I first noticed the great potentials the Internet has.
There was a big earthquake and tsunami disaster in north-eastern Japan, and I saw a lot of things going on online while I was searching so desperately for clues of what had happened to my relatives in the disaster area. There were many people creating websites and online services to provide information on the disaster. I was just a user of them at the time, but somewhere in my mind I wished I could be one of the creators. It took me a year after that to decide to follow that instinct and go into the industry.

Having an experience working as a C#.NET developer, I started as a coder again, but this time with Java, PHP, JavaScript and obviously, HTML/CSS. Since April 2014 I’ve been freelancing.

I am involving in the industry believing that Internet (more broadly, information technology) has the power to make a better world.
I think we are now living in a very interesting era in the human history where we suddenly have a new tool to deal with a lot more amount of information than we’ve ever had before, struggling to learn how to use it well. I’m aware of the importance of education on Internet morals and information literacy. A powerful tool needs to be used appropriately.

My other interests are language learning and piano playing. I taught myself English and music has always been there ever since my parents put me in the local music class for children when I was 2. I’ve always thought it would be great if I could do something valuable with tech, language and music all together. I have no idea what is that, but I know they all happen to be tools for communication – media to carry information.

If anyone found anything in what I said above interesting, please feel free to let me know :)