I’m Hitomi, a freelance developer based in Japan who specialises in HTML/CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP, as well as other programming languages such as Java, C#.NET and VBA etc.

It was March 2011 when I first noticed the great potentials the Internet has.
After a big earthquake and tsunami disaster hit north-eastern Japan, I was looking for clues of what had happened to my relatives in the disaster area on the Internet. Developers were creating many amazing websites and online services that provide information of the disaster and help people find their families and friends in the disaster area. I was only a user at the time, but somewhere in my mind I was wishing I could be one of those who create them.

It took me almost a year after that to decide to follow that instinct and become a developer. As I already had an experience working as a C#.NET developer, I started as a coder again, but this time focusing on web development. I have been freelancing since April 2014.

We are currently struggling to handle the massive amount of information that we’ve never had in the history. I think the important thing is to utilise the Internet and information technology for good things. I am hoping to be part of what makes the world a better place.